The Tribe Players
The Tribe Players are a collection of some of the most talented and hilarious artists in the city. This flagship cast entertains audiences with a variety of show formats that aim to raise the bar of popular entertainment, giving Boston artists a voice on the national stage. Main Stage artists and directors are dedicated to producing the best show possible, exhibiting the highest standards of show quality, professionalism, innovation, and artistic collaboration. The Tribe Players perform a unique combination of short- and long-form improv; a Main Stage show on any given night ranges from slapstick to satire. You owe it to yourself to see this show.

Member Teams
The Tribe was founded on artistic collaboration. The Member Team program empowers improv artists to bring their visions to life, casting their own troupes, choosing their own directors, with the support and guidance of The Tribe. Member Teams can grow organically from the Boston theater community, or be cast as pilot troupes by The Tribe. Either way, member troupes are self-sufficient, artist-driven collaboratives. Our goal is to create an environment that fosters new cutting-edge shows, eagerly anticipated by artists and audiences alike.

The Tribe Theatrical Productions
In April 2005, The Tribe Theater Unit made its debut at The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge with the performance of two ten-minute plays: "The Role of Della," by John Wooten, and "Medea," by Christopher Durang and Wendy Wasserstein. The Tribe Theater Unit's first full-length theatrical endeavor, Nicky Silver's "Pterodactyls," opened at the Devanaughn Theatre in Boston's South End in July. Also in July, New York playwright Kevin Mandel premiered a new work in a staged reading at Buzz Boston in the Theater District. The Tribe Theater Unit's first season came to a close on August 21 with the final performance of "The Memory of Water," by Shelagh Stephenson, at The Actors Workshop in South Boston. The beginning of The Tribe's new Theater Unit was met with excitement and an eagerness to produce works that inspired our members. With this dedication in mind, The Tribe Theater Unit approaches its second season of plays. The year ahead will be filled with original works by The Tribe Theater Unit; classes in acting, directing, and auditioning; musical theater; and, of course, the Bard.

The Tribe Music Unit
Our primary goal is to move and entertain our audiences through music. Our ensembles and soloists strive to provide music at the highest level possible to carry our own performances as well as facilitate musical needs within The Tribe's other units. The Tribe Music Unit continues to grow but currently includes composers, keyboardists, singers, and Inner D, an all-male a cappella group which is also The Tribe's premiere musical ensemble. Inner D can be seen performing monthly and, soon, every Monday evening as they take to the streets of Boston workshopping their latest arrangements and compositions. In addition, the Music Unit also has full recording facilities and provides original music for productions and live musical accompaniment for The Tribe's improv-based shows. You can check scheduling here on the website or e-mail to contact the Music Unit directly.

The Tribe is focused on providing local children with quality entertainment that educates, encourages laughter, and inspires creativity. We're taking your favorite storybook tales and putting them on stage with a splash of color and our unique Tribe twist!

For fall 2005 The Tribe for Children! presented Jack Neary's Robin Hood. Neary's plays for children have been keeping kids across New England in stitches for years, and now Andrew Rhodes, Artistic Director of "T for C," brings the laughter to Boston. A far cry from Sherwood Forest, this hilarious take on Robin Hood shows what happens when an entire theater company gets lost and misses the opening performance. Hard-working Margaret LaFontaine must whip her inexperienced backstage crew into brilliant, albeit reluctant, actors who can save the production-and she has about 45 minutes to do so! Can a costume designer, a stage manager, a sound designer, a technical director, and a horribly lost UPS guy perform for a full house of eager theater patrons?

Kids delighted in the humor of Robin Hood, and that's only the beginning! Look for other exciting shows, such as The Ugly Duckling, Snow White, and Rumpelstiltskin, as they grace the Coolidge Corner Theatre stage in winter 2005 - 2006!