(Real!) Tribe Merch
"Yeah, I want that!"
$ Less than the Gulfstream

The Tribe Gulfstream G300
"You know how we roll!"

The Tribe Oil Barrel
"Cut out the middleman and guzzle this bubblin' crude!"

The Tribe Chipmunk Costume
"A price so low, you'll think we're nuts!"

The Tribe Black Velvet Cape
"Subtle, sophisticated, and just a hint of ooh-la-la."

The Tribe Super-Computer
"Designed and assembled by actors!"

The Tribe Beginning Wizard's Kit
"Terrorists don't kill wizards, so be a wizard!"

The Tribe Paper Shredder
"Our lips are sealed!"

The Tribe Hacky-Sack
"Put on a shirt, hippie!"

The Tribe Bling
"Thug out! Effectively lose the use of one hand!"

The Tribe Cold Fusion Reactor
"Comedy keeps you warm! Forever!"

The Tribe Bar Soap
"Lather 'round!"