We have a mission.
The Tribe shares the common goal of producing top quality performances and films with an independent spirit. Our mission is to make Boston a hub for improv, theater, music, and film, and a city where artists gain national recognition.

The Tribe was founded on improvisational theater, and the spirit of improvisation – invention, spontaneity, and flexibility – continues to be at the core of who we are.

Tribe members from our different units share ideas, resources, and performances in order to enrich each other, and to expose our audiences to diverse, intelligent, and memorable entertainment.

The Tribe began humbly...
...in early 2002. Several current members of The Tribe founded the improv comedy group Faces for Radio. Faces debuted in June of 2002 at ImprovBoston. Soon Faces found its own home downstairs at The Cantab Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge, where it performed to often sold-out and occasionally tiny audiences every Thursday for the next year. Faces even won the Reader's Pick in The Boston Phoenix "Best of" Poll for Best Comedy in 2002. The members of Faces ran the whole show themselves, alternating working box office and tech. Their shows were a mixture of long- and short-form improv.

In early 2003, Faces started booking guest troupes at their shows. Neraj Tuli, who served as producer and director of Faces, noted the duplication of efforts, difficulty in cultivating an audience, and lack of collaboration that independent performance groups faced. Inspiration struck, and The Tribe was born.

The Tribe held auditions in the summer of 2003. Over fifty people came to those auditions and formed The Tribe's first three improv troupes: Milt, Big in Japan, and Improvmosis. Many of the members of Faces for Radio stayed through the transition and joined these new groups. Big in Japan concentrated on long-form with their own brand of storytelling improv, as well as freeform improv. Milt experimented with both short-form and long-form improv. Improvmosis became a highly successful musical improv troupe and was accepted to the 2003 Del Close Marathon. The Tribe continued its commitment to booking guest groups in its space.

In early 2003, The Tribe held a second set of auditions and recast the existing groups to form five new groups: Sister Bother, The Sosnys, Starship Imagination, Villalobos, and its summer-only cast, Summer Help. In June 2004, The Tribe debuted its new show, The World's Best Variety Showdown, for a summer-long Saturday run at The Cantab. This was the first time the Tribe moved to performing two nights per week. By August of the same year, The Tribe found its new Friday night home in the Boston Theater District at 67 Stuart Street. The Tribe debuted in their new theater with The World's Best Variety Showdown, and the showcase show Space Mission 5000.

The Tribe won Best Comedy Club in 2003 and 2004 and launched its second creative unit, the Music Unit, that year. The Tribe further diversified its offerings in 2005, when it launched its Theater, Children's Theater, and Film/Sketch Units, which are now a thriving part of The Tribe community. Within six months of its conception, the Theater Unit produced two short plays, two full length plays, and a staged reading, and received critical acclaim and attention. The Film and Sketch Unit has enjoyed great success with its flagship cast, Comedy Bronze. The Music Unit has composed original scores for The Tribe and various Tribe-produced shows, and has its own flagship cast, Inner D, an all-male improv-based a cappella group. While the other Tribe units gained momentum, the Improv Unit launched two new troupes, Day Job and Jolly Farm Revue.

The Tribe continued its spirit of innovation. We produced several successful themed shows with limited runs: DVD Commentary, Space Mission 5000, The World's Best Variety Showdown, Liquid Ditty, Campfires, Spinning Hardcore (now a member team), and Uncanny Valley, as well as many one time and limited run experimental shows, such as Blossom Alone, The Legend of Jimmy, and Divide by Zero (now also a member team.)

Some of The Tribe's biggest and most exciting changes have happened recently with the casting of the improv unit's mainstage cast, The Tribe Players, who now perform every Friday night. The Improv Unit also launched its Member Team program, driven by Tribe members with specific visions for ongoing, experimental, or showcase shows. The Tribe also partnered with Neutrino Video Projects, a nationally renowned improv-film movement, to create Neutrino Boston, which will officially launch in Spring 2006. Simultaneously, The Tribe's children's theater unit, branded Tribe for Children, has launched its season at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, with its production of Robinhood by Jack Neary.

The Tribe also put into motion its commitment to arts education, and began offering classes and corporate training sessions, the first sessions of which commence in Spring 2006.

In the fall of 2005, The Tribe was again voted "Boston's Best Comedy Club" by the Boston Phoenix. This year, however, the Phoenix also awarded us the titles of "Best Theater Company" for our work in scripted theater, "Best Place to Meet People", and "Boston's Best Kept Secret". All of this, with our new theater still only in its pre-season!

The Tribe officially launched its new performance space, and its new mainstage improv team, on December 9th, 2005, with a huge benefit show. All proceeds from the launch went to the United Way of Massachusetts.

The Tribe is evolving fast and we're excited about the road ahead. With the opening of our new theater, the steady buzz building around our shows, and a thriving community of local artists, we're poised to become the hottest, most innovative theater company in Boston.